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Conservation Association
of the municipal coat of arms
and heraldry (VEkWH)



The communal heraldry is an essential cultural asset, which is losing interest and original meaning, especially in our time due to global and digital influences.


The Association for the Preservation of Municipal Coat of Arms and Heraldry (VEkWH) wants to counteract this development and, together with countries, districts, cities and municipalities and other related institutions, maintain the coat of arms and, associated with it, promote and research heraldry and genealogy in their essential importance as an auxiliary historical science .


The VEkWH has therefore set itself the task of maintaining heraldry in general and local heraldry in particular as a cultural-historical and occidental documentation in a museum manner.


The world's largest existing, currently privately owned collection of hand-carved and -painted German municipal coats of arms is intended to contribute to addressing the culture of remembrance and history, stimulated by the splendor of handcrafted heraldry, and increasing the historical awareness and thus also the political thinking of broad sections of the population promote.


The non-profit status (application in process) of the association results not only from the cultural museum collection of German communal heraldry as an old and well-cared for occidental cultural asset worthy of protection, but - closely related to this - above all the preservation of the communal coat of arms in the context of state-political educational work with the significance of each individual exhibit - so to speak, to touch - for human history, for settlements and cities.


In the large community of municipal institutions and its contributors, integrated into the statutes of a registered association, the museum's options for recognition as a monument are developed and implemented.


The association only operates non-profit and scientific purposes and is open to all people regardless of nationality, origin, religion or political and sexual orientation. The association regards it as a special task to familiarize all people with history in general and the heraldry in particular. Every person can become active for the common good through the diverse possibilities offered by the association.

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