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Jumelage | Partnerships

A proposal to overcome the separation of town and community partnerships caused by the corona pandemic

It's about communal heraldry, combined with the tradition of exchanging a coat of arms on special occasions such as Jumelagen.


Insofar as there is no scope for the planning and implementation of social events and representative occasions such as celebrations, anniversaries or jubilee events in this tense time with Corona Covid 19 pandemic, a high-quality and handcrafted piece of coat of arms may serve as a gift, donation or foundation with symbolic power to comply with any public obligations.


Here we want to draw your attention to municipal coats of arms. In the past, numerous countries, cities and municipalities obtained their coats of arms from our coat of arms carving on the occasion of special events as well as for their own coat of arms galleries and also donated them to the German Coat of Arms Museum.


We are continuing this tradition from communal practice and would be pleased to be able to offer hand-carved and hand-painted coats of arms for countries, cities or municipalities if required. Last but not least, the presence of your organization or your municipality with its identity and historical features is visibly increased.


Ultimately, cities and municipalities also make a significant contribution to relieving the handicrafts that have been badly affected by commissioning a coat of arms. In particular, proceeds from the coat of arms carving also benefit the coat of arms museum in Regensburg with over 3000 hand-carved and hand-painted coats of arms and the 'Association for the Preservation of the Municipal Coat of Arms and Heraldry' (eV in establishment).


Thousands of coats of arms from our workshops are already hanging in the rooms of many cities and municipalities at home and abroad


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