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Historical awareness

Regaining historical awareness and knowledge of national and European identity.


"In the majority of discussions about historical awareness one only hears that it contributes its part to education, but it is not discussed how it should be regained and preserved."


This is the intrinsic statement of the founder of the Deutsches Wappen-Musuems e. V. in 1967 Hans-Dietrich Riemann (* August 24, 1913, † January 29, 2001).


"The only means that is occasionally pointed out to this end is the demand, but only the demand - not the realization - of more history lessons. In this entirely correct way, however, historical awareness will only emerge in the course of generations, if at all. We need more Media!!!"


So Riemann looked for and found another medium with the help of which it can be made possible to convey historical awareness immediately, specifically and to all classes, educational levels and ages of all citizens.

This medium is the communal coats of arms, old and young familiar, popular and inviolable historical documents from many centuries of our history.


The intention in the form of a museum took on a different face, a more intensive efficiency and a higher value in the form of a museum. The supporting program could use the national, political, economic, cultural, etc. conditions, such as guided tours or events.

This page is intended to provide an insight into the task, objectives and activities of the German Coat of Arms Museum, which Riemann founded in 1967 and whose coat of arms collection has been preserved to this day.


So today it is up to the heirs to continue fulfilling the legacy of Hans Dietrich-Riemann and not to lose sight of his ongoing idea of ​​a Europaeum.

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